Whether it’s HSBC, Starling Bank, AXA, Barclays, Aviva, RBS, Credit Suisse, Zego, Plaid, Deutsche Bank or Revolut, something about MoneyNext works for our global speakers.
Speak with our specialist conference team and take to the stage in 2022.

Maximum Exposure, Minimum Fuss!

Why Speak at a MoneyNext event?

This is a time of great uncertainty for Banks and Insurers across the world. These sectors are evolving rapidly and staying still is no longer an option. Where to next? As a speaker, you can help us answer that question. We'll position you as a thought-leader in the industry and provide an unrivalled level of exposure with minimum time commitments from you!

Q&A Interviews

We'll work with you and your team to build innovative content to help position you as a thought leader in your specialist subjects and areas of interest.
We'll edit and release the production on your behalf as well as providing the edited and raw files for you to use as you wish.

On-Demand Programmes

Join one of our on-demand topic programmes in the run up to the live event. Showcase your knowledge alongside industry leading voices in this extended on-demand Q&A.
These are created in just one simple pre-event call, and are released in the run up to the main event.

Social Campaign Exposure

Behind every speaker is a multi touch point campaign.
We produce a bespoke campaign for each speaker - a release plan for all social activities you and your team can sync with.
The result? Maximum exposure with minimum input from you, delivered by a host with extensive experience in industry leading digital media and live events.

This Looks Like A Big Committment?

Absolutely not! We keep things simple and with minimum fuss!
Whether you are joining a virtual Session or an in-person Summit, we ask for a 20 minute video call pre-show where we film everything we need. That's everything for our video and audio releases in this one simple call.
We work with you to ensure the questions asked on that call are ones you feel comfortable in answering and best showcase your knowledge.
Our specialist team have refined the process to find a balance - keeping you informed on the event progress and ensuring you have all the information needed to make your presence at the event as smooth as possible.
  • “It was a great session with some amazing panelists and insights. I learned a lot.”

    Steven Habbi, Global Head of Brand Design and Management | Group Marketing, HSBC
  • “A great opportunity to get together with interesting folks from across the industry to discuss different perspectives on what might be coming next”

    Mike Cowen, Head of Digital Solutions (UK & Ireland), Mastercard
  • "You guys are pros and have this stuff on lockdown. A great, diverse panel, really nice insights. Looking forward to the next one! "

    David McHenry, Managing Director, Head of Global Treasury and Payments Advisory - EMEA, Silicon Valley Bank
  • “An excellent insightful discussion, with strong key messages delivered. Surely, one of the best I have participated in.“

    Anna Maj, FinTech Leader & Advisor | Senior Lecturer, CFTE | Top 10 Women in Fintech
  • “All sessions had good quality speakers and I like the fast paced Q&A and feeding audience questions into the speakers in a rapid fire format.”

    Sundeep Verma, Director Sales & Business Development, HSBC
  • "Bringing together engaging and knowledgeable speakers to discuss future-focused themes, delivered in an engaging format. MoneyNext’s discussions are always worth a watch!"

    Simon Jones, Chief Customer Officer, ClearBank