Episode 5: On The Money


1400 - 1445 GMT

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11TH MARCH 2021

Today’s average consumer has come to expect a seamless online experience. The likes of Apple, Google & Amazon have set the bar high and all other sectors are looking to follow suit. The financial sector has not been exempt from this trend, and the plethora of Fintech start-ups and digital only banks have challenged the status quo of the traditional incumbents, offering new features, a slick, online experience, and a more personalised approach. Whilst progress might be slower from the major players, they too are expanding their offering, partnering with fintechs and implementing new tech to improve the customer journey.

Episode 6 of On The Money will explore modern customer expectations and how financial institutions can improve experiences for customers. But is it all that simple? Managing outdated legacy systems, maintaining customer service in a growing organisation and keeping less digitally savvy customers catered for are all challenges that many are still trying to overcome.


  • How have customer expectations of banks changed over the last 10 years and are they still changing?
  • With everything moving in a digital direction, is there a risk that banks are leaving a large proportion of customers behind?
  • Does the average consumer know what they want? Or is it the job of innovative banks to tell us what we need?
  • How important is customer trust and data security in the future direction of financial services



A live, dynamic and fast paced session with questions put directly to each of our contributors.

An expert moderator will be on-hand to take your questions direct to our panel and to deep-dive further into the discussion.

Sound like a regular panel discussion? Wrong!

On the Money will look to raise the bar in terms of format and production. Tune in and share your thoughts!