What They Say

Hear from some of our partners and speakers on how we've done

"I think it’s been the panel of the day, a good discussion and actually really nice to see a majority of female panellists."

"It’s a great event and I’m really glad to be here. Being on stage was great, good conversations to be had and good challenges to discuss."

"Job really well done so far, we’re enjoying it, it’s very nice. It’s a great conglomerate of banking, tech and service providers. So, we’ll definitely come back."


"I find very interesting the mix of established insurers, insurtech and other parts of the insurance ecosystem"

"So it’s got a nice buzz, everything was organised quite well. It’s still a bit to go, but so far so good!"

"Great event, I love it! Came here earlier this year ... good to see people face to face, some really good sessions"


" I liked the focus of the summit which was on technology developments in the wealth management space"

“I think it’s been great fun. It’s been a very energetic, very engaging event."

"The event is great, really diverse collection of speakers, really informed conversations, the panels and some of the keynotes."