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Hear from: CurrencyCloud, GoCardless, Allica Bank & Plaid

Jean-Phillipe Desbiolles (IBM), Marcus Burgess ( HSBC), Susana Ponce-Froment, (Tide), Babel Poli (Northmill Bank)

What Does the Future of Banking Look Like? How important is organisation culture and the ability to remain agile? Is there still a need for a highstreet branch or will they be entirely phased out? All this and more.

Gina Clarke (The Fintech Times), Pedro de Sousa Avelino (NN Group), Hakan Eroglu (Mastercard)

How is the open banking landscape progressing? Where are we seeing tangible value from open banking? Catch up on this live discussion and highlights.

Dimitris Litsikakis (deVere E-Money), Sendi Young (Ripple), Frank M. Kittler (Standard Chartered Bank), Isabel Pitt (Banked), Lex Sokolin (ConsenSys)

How has Covid-19 impacted the transition to cashless? What role should cryptocurrencies play in a cashless world Is a largely cashless society genuinely within reach or still a long way off? And more!

Dr. Verena Thaler (Raisin), Thea Loch (Lloyds Bank), Jason Hurwitz (Aldermore Bank), Tuomas Toivonen (Holvi)

Product diversification: How are banking business models changing? How important is brand loyalty in financial services? What do financial institutions large and small need to do to survive in an increasing competitive market? And more!

Nick Ogden (ClearBank), Layla Qassim (SolarisBank), Ahsan Jamal (Samba Bank Limited), Jason Maude (Starling Bank)

Definitions! What is Banking-as-a-Platform and how does it differ from Banking-as-a-Service? Is BaaS a threat to traditional banks or an opportunity? And who is currently driving innovation in this space? All this and more.

Niall Corrigan (EY), Adam Powers (HSBC), Alexandra Dixon (Metro Bank), Natalie Fuller (Cashplus Bank), Andrew Lawson, (Zendesk)

How have consumer habits and interactions with financial services changed over the last 5 years? Should financial services look to emulate big tech customer experience or is a different approach required? s true omnichannel banking now a reality or still a long way off?

Michael Sherwood (Atom Bank), Josh Berle (Mastercard), Nigel Verdon (Railsbank), Angela Johnson de Wet (Lloyds Bank)

Is the role and obligations of financial institutions changing? How has covid-19 shone a light on financial inclusion? Why financial wellness should be an essential part of banks’ customer strategy?

Ankur Dalal (ABN AMRO Bank), Nathan Williams (NatWest Trustee & Depositary Services), Vilmos Lorincz (Lloyds Banking Group), Ezgi Biber (Nordea)

What do today’s customers expect from a personalised approach to banking? Data is crucial, but is it being used to maximum effect by financial institutions? How far is too far? Do customers actually want their banks’ AI to ‘do’ their banking for them?

Christian Thier (Microsoft Switzerland), Guillaume Dretz (Vybecard), Andy Mason (Mettle), Shnay Chohan (Natwest Group)

How is AI currently being used to solve customer pain-points and improve financial journeys. Chatbots and conversational AI: The best way to deliver frictionless customer service? Can AI be leveraged across the full customer lifecycle from initial onboarding to loyal users?

Louise Døvling Andersen (Danske Bank), Tanvi Gupta (Barclays), Stephanie Pelsmakers (ING), Matthew Harwood (NatWest)

For traditional financial institutions, is it easier to ‘build a new bank’ or to improve existing processes? How great is the challenge of legacy systems and can it be overcome? How can traditional bank/fintech partnerships improve customer experiences?

Reuben Sagar (Onfido), Steven Habbi (HSBC), Richard Davies (Allica Bank), Andrew Crocombe (Clearbank)

How does a digital identity approach benefit the customer journey from initial onboarding to loyal customers? How can financial services balance improved experiences with security? How is the onboarding process changing? What do customers now expect?

Lynsey Hunt (Natwest), Aruna Bhalla (TSB Bank), Benedikt Voller (Raisin), Iana Dimitrova (OpenPayd), Catalina Arateanu (Raiffeisen Bank)

Are banks and fintechs working collaboratively or directly competing? Our panellists discuss the merits of turning a partnership into an acquisition. Hear real world examples and discussion.

David McHenry (Silicon Valley Bank), Isabella Laine (Klarna), Leon Muis (Yolt), David Head (Mastercard)

What are the biggest opportunities in open banking payments? How can open banking payments prevent fraud? Has Covid-19 benefitted open banking payments? And more!

Michael Sherwood (Atom Bank), Conrad Ford (Allica Bank), Parul Kaul-Green (UK Insurtech Board), Andrew Lawson (Zendesk)

Is it a good idea to try and fully automate customer service delivery within your app or digital platform? And is this what consumers want? Catch up on this live discussion.

Sarah Aird-Mash (Currencycloud), Marc Waxman (GoCardless), Chloe Fenton (Allica Bank) and Teddy Butz (Plaid).

How have marketing strategies changed through the pandemic? How do you engage with new customers and create new journeys? How can we be better prepared for future emergencies? All this and more.

Amit Mallick (Accenture), Ulrika Claesson (Nordea), Sergejs Vohrins (Monese) and Simon Lyons (Open Banking Implementation Entity)

We ask our panellists how to remain competitive in a developing market and the long term potential of open banking and the changes it will bring to financial services.

Hany Choueiri (Aldermore Bank), Jason Maude (Starling Bank), Carmela Gómez (BBVA), Amnah Ajmal (Mastercard MEA), Sharon Chen (EY)

Does open banking represent a threat or an opportunity to financial institutions and will it benefit the end user and accelerate financial inclusion? Find out more here.

Richard Sunman (Experian), Jason Wilkinson-Brown (TSB Bank), Patrick Langeveld (ING), Mario Benedict (JP Morgan) and Anette Broløs

Are the benefits of open banking or open finance reaching the consumers? And how important is consumer trust as open banking develops?

Dan Klein (Zühlke), Stewart Bromley (Atom Bank), John James (First Direct), Pavan Nagori (Barclays), Julie Choo (Stratability)

How are consumers’ banking habits and expectations changing? We asked a panel of expert speakers.

Mark Kelly (Bank of Ireland), Louise Dovling Andersen (Danske Bank), Richard Wall (ServiceNow), Niall Bellabarba (Deutsche Bank) and Graham Cressey (Accenture).

Do challenger banks and neobanks still offer a threat to incumbent banks or have they become an opportunity for banks to move and react more quickly? Find out in this panel discussion.

Homa Siddiqui (Credit Suisse), Ed Ackerman (Onfido), Katharina Lueth (Raisin), Paolo Sironi (IBM) and Niall Corrigan (EY).

Can incumbent’s customer experience compete with digital only banks? How are traditional financial institutions diversifying into new revenue streams? How has Covid-19 sped up the transition to digital? All this and more.

Michael Parfitt (Quantum Metric) and Yannis Papakostas (Eurobank).

How do you balance being proactive with reactive requirements to fix problems? How do you try to remove these silos and improve cross-team collaboration? Find out more in this thought leading discussion. Find out in this panel discussion.

Akash Shah (BNY Mellon), Jamie Broadbent (RBS International), Ange Johnson de Wet (Lloyds Banking Group), Dan Schwab (Xerox) and Anna Irrera (Reuters).

Will the rise of digital banking lead to the death of the highstreet? or is there still something to be said for human interaction? Catch up on-demand now!

John Atkinson (Riverbed)

Why performance and visibility are crucial to success in financial services, How the challenges of legacy data and out-dated IT systems can be overcome and How frictionless user experiences can be achieved and customer issues identified automatically.

Conrad Ford (Allica Bank), Myles Stephenson (Modulr), Siri Borsum (Huawei), Pat Thelen (Ripple) and Sharon Chen (EY).

Can fintechs reach the unbanked and are financial institutions managing their fintech strategy? Find out in our latest discussion.

Allen Terleto (Redis Labs).

Chief Technology Officer, Allen Terleto, discusses the limitations preventing digital transformation, why digital transformation has never been more important and what benefits can real-time data enable in customer service.

Michael Rennie (Cynergy Bank), Jason Maude (Starling Bank), Jacqueline Morcombe (nCino), Damon Roberts (TSB) and Sophia Furber (S&P Global Market Intelligence)

With an increasing number of digital challengers in the market, we ask what the potential downsides are to digital-only banking.

Aanchal Sharma (Monese).

How Monese are using data to combat fraud, Why real-time data is the key to mitigating risk and increase security and How a data-driven approach is working for our customers.

James Bickerton (HSBC), Imtiaz Adam (Deep Learn Strategies), Homa Siddiqui (Credit Suisse) and Sarah Rench (Avanade).

Which technologies are having the greatest impact in banking? Our panellists discuss the benefits of AI in banking.

David McHenry (Silicon Valley Bank), Laura Mian (ING), Ricardo Segoviano Aceituno (BBVA) and Benedikt Voller (Raisin).

How does open finance differ from the existing open banking and will it benefit the consumer? We ask our guest panelists in this live discussion.