Meet the team: our Conference Producer Tiffany


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Love MoneyNext and want to know more about the people behind it? Well, we’ve got you covered. Introducing our Meet the Team series, where we catch up with our incredible team, delve into their roles and chat about what a typical day looks like for them.
As the team expands, we couldn’t wait to catch up with them. This time, we caught up with Tiffany, our Conference Producer, who recently joined us in the midst of expansion. Tiffany handles all things speaker-related and helps oversee our event planning. See what Tiffany had to say when we caught up with her below.
Tell us about you, your role and what your day to day is like.
I’m Tiffany, I’m from Madrid, Spain and I just started working as a Conference Producer at MoneyNext about one month ago!
As a Conference Producer, my main duty is to coordinate the speaker logistics from the ‘hiring’ to the event. This means that I help to find people who are interested in being speakers at our events, and I take care of them until the event date.
This task also includes managing the events pages on our website, arranging interviews with the speakers and editing short videos that we use to promote our events on social media.
Other than that, I also help to develop the brand image by generating relevant content for our team and audience.
I’d say that the hardest part of my job is to deal with 2 time zones at the same time!
Tell us about your background before MoneyNext
I graduated in Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Spain. When I finished my degree, I decided that I wanted to prove myself; that’s why I decided to go to live in London, where I spent about 5 years.
I worked at a coffee shop to begin with and when I got to save enough, I started to study an MA in Television at the University of the Arts London. I said goodbye to the coffee place and soon I started to work in a couple of media companies while I was studying.
By the time I finished my studies, I decided to take a break from working and studying so I went travelling on my own around the world. I visited Australia, Thailand, Bali and a few other amazing places.
After my time off, I returned to London and I found a job at the place I used to study. I ran events for the university for a few months, and after that I got hired as a PA to the Academic Registrar, where I lasted for about 2 years.
After the Covid-19 pandemic I realised how important it is to do what you want and be where you want to be. I then took a plane to come back home, so I could be closer to my family and friends, and I decided that I wanted to invest my time doing something more creative that’s when I found MoneyNext!
Tiffany and her dog Neo in colder climes.
What keeps you motivated?
I like feeling that my input is helping a project to move forward. I feel very proactive when I’m given different responsibilities. People relying on me makes me feel valuable, given that they think that I can be trusted.
I like variety, which means I don’t like jobs where the same task needs to be done over and over again. I feel more motivated when I need to pay attention to different duties during the day and where there’s a balance between organisation & creativity.
I like new challenges too. I enjoy learning new things that make me develop either professionally or personally. I’d definitely rather grow up in a company and keep on learning about all different areas of a business than doing the same job forever.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
You might not believe it but I’ve been training taekwondo for the last 10 years of my life. I go training every evening. I love it because it makes me give more than I thought I could pull out from myself.
Martial arts show you real discipline, and they help you to keep a balanced lifestyle both physically and mentally. My favourite part comes when I get to beat up men bigger than me!
I also have a dog whose name is Neo. I brought him home 11 years ago when he was no more than 2 months old. I really enjoy having long walks with him, and I normally take him everywhere I go!
You can find more about me on Instagram @tiffanydoesnothavebreakfast – yes, after the movie!