Meet the team: James, our Head of Events


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Love MoneyNext and want to know more about the people behind it? Well, we’ve got you covered. Introducing our Meet the Team series, where we catch up with our incredible team, delve into their roles and chat about what a typical day looks like for them.
This week, we sat down with our Head of Events, James Allen. From planning the agenda to contacting and interviewing speakers, James is across it all!
Tell us about you, your role and what your day to day is like.
I’m James, Head of Events at MoneyNext. I’ve been working in events for over 10 years now, having moved from putting up marquees and working the bar for birthday parties and weddings, to the corporate event world, and into B2B conferences and summits.
I’ve been at MoneyNext for nearly 3 years and my role has developed significantly, especially during recent times as the business pivoted from physical events to virtual during the pandemic.
The key to my day to day work is research! I am tasked with writing the agendas for our events and booking the very best speakers to share their insights, new trends and innovative projects with our audience. I’m always on the lookout for new topics, disruptors across the financial services sector or new technologies that are changing internal processes or customer experiences. I spend a lot of my time on video calls with industry leaders, trying to get under the surface and find out what challenges the sector is facing, and how they are being overcome, so we can share that knowledge at our events.
How would you describe the culture at MoneyNext?
I think the MoneyNext culture is pretty dynamic. We’re a small but growing team full of independent people with our own ideas and approaches and I think that lends itself to a fast-paced, innovative workplace. We like to encourage fresh ideas and are always looking to improve – changing event formats, using new programmes and generally trying to stay ahead of the curve. We’re a virtual team and fairly well scattered around the UK and Europe, but we’re always in touch and enjoy a drink or two when we get the chance.
Who would you most like to swap places with for a day?
The cynic in me wants to swap places with Jeff Bezos or Richard Branson, transfer a few million into my account (I don’t think that would be missed), maybe a quick space flight, and then switch back! But then again, I think it would just as good swapping places with a golden retriever or some other lovable dog – no worries, excited by everything you see, everyone is happy to see you, endless snacks and treats… what’s not to love?
What do you like to do in your spare time?
After nearly 2 years of various lockdowns, being able to do anything with my spare time is pretty good! I’m well into travelling and hiking, so with proper international trips still challenging, I’m planning a visit to the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye to get up into the mountains. Closer to home, a couple of pints with friends or an hour on the PlayStation is ideal after a busy week.