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26th August 2021

The summer break is over, the good weather is winding down and the holidays are over. What better way to get us back in the mood than the CX FS Summit this September? With speakers from a number of big-name banks and topics that get straight to the heart of digital customer experiences, it’s definitely essential viewing.
Here, we take a look ahead and tell you what you can expect from our next event – including the agenda, confirmed speakers and what the event will look like.
What is the CX FS Summit?
The CX FS Summit is a 2-day event hosted by MoneyNext, featuring speakers who boast a wealth of experience in all things CX, UX and user design. This event will be entirely virtual, broadcast live over 2 days so you can tune in whether you’re working from home or in the office.
Our expert panellists will explore a broad range of key topics that are pertinent to CX in financial services today. They include financial inclusion and wellbeing, how customers’ expectations and demands are evolving, the limits to automation and personalisation, and the digital transformation of FS products and services.
Who is speaking at the CX FS Summit?
We have a stellar line-up of speakers including contributions from Barclays, NatWest, ING, Danske Bank, Atom Bank, Lloyds and HSBC. All of our panellists have extensive experience in the finance industry and will bring their unique insights and perspectives to the screen.
Our CX FS Summit speakers include:

Josh Berle

Natalie Fuller

Adam Powers


Alexandra Dixon

Tanvi Gupta

Stephanie Pelsmakers

Louise Døvling Andersen

Nigel Verdon

Louise Døvling Andersen

Michael Sherwood

What is the agenda of the CX FS Summit?
Over 2 days, our panellists will explore the biggest trends and topics in CX with real-world case studies and the chance for you to pitch your questions. We have 3 sessions on 15th September and 2 more sessions on the 16th September, promising to make for essential viewing.
In the morning on day 1, we start with a look at how customer demands are changing in an increasingly digital world. Our speakers include HSBC, MetroBank, Cashplus Bank and EY. Niall Corrigan from EY will kick us off in this session by exploring how CX is critical in a digital-first FS landscape.
Our second session begins at 12:00 BST and will concentrate on financial inclusion and financial wellbeing. Good user design can be the difference between a customer deciding to onboard and a customer being confused, frustrated or off-put. In this sense, CX can be a key tool in improving access to financial tools and platforms. Speakers from Atom Bank, Railsbank, Lloyds and Mastercard will help us examine the role and obligations of financial institutions and w.hy financial wellness should be an essential part of banks’ customer strategy.
Our final session of day 1 is entitled ‘The Age of Personalisation and Automation’. In a world where consumers are exposed to hundreds of brands – both physically and digitally – on a daily basis, personalised and targeted messaging is an essential part of standing out from the crowd. What do today’s customers expect from a personalised approach to banking, and when it comes to product functionality is more personalisation always better? Ankur Dalal from ABN AMRO and Nordea’s Ezgi Biber will help us answer those questions.
Day 2 begins at 10:00 BST on 16th September with a session on ‘AI Demystified: Customer Service with AI and ML’. We will look at how AI is being used to solve customer pain-points, whether chatbots and conversational AI is the key to frictionless customer service and indeed whether today’s consumers still value a human touch.
The final session of the CX FS Summit comes at 12:00 on 16th September. Featuring contributors from big names such as Barclays, ING, NatWest and Danske Bank, the 45-minute panel discussion will focus on how we can use CX to overhaul the digital customer experience.
How can I make the most of CX FS Summit?
We’re making it easier than ever to watch the full panel discussions and highlights from the CX FS Summit. There are 4 ways to make the most of this event:
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How do I register for CX FS Summit?
Registering for the CX FS Summit is simple and – even better – free! Head over to our CX FS Summit registration page and enter your details to save your space. Don’t forget to add each session to your calendar to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the action.
See you there!