In Conversation with NetApp:
The Future of Banking and AI-Driven Innovations

AI in banking is a hot topic, with technological advancements changing the landscape of the financial services industry. The MoneyNext team sat down with Steve Rackham, CTO for Financial Services at NetApp, to discuss the topic and how AI-driven innovations will influence the industry moving forward.

How is the integration of AI, data analytics, and automation reshaping the banking landscape?

What are the primary drivers pushing banks to embrace AI-driven data analytics and automation into their products and processes?

What challenges do banks face when implementing AI, data, and automation solutions?

How can banks ensure data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance while harnessing the power of AI and automation?

What opportunities does AI and automation present for optimising customer experiences in banking?

How can banks collect, manage and utilise customer data to drive tangible impact?

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