The Future of CX in Financial Services

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Why CX is Critical in a Digital-First Financial Services Landscape

Niall Corrigan, Partner, EY

Meeting Expectations: How Are Customer Demands Changing?
  • How have consumer habits and interactions with financial services changed over the last 5 years?
  • Should financial services look to emulate big tech customer experience or is a different approach required?
  • Customer service at scale: Can fintech challengers maintain customer experiences as their customer base grows?
  • Is true omnichannel banking now a reality or still a long way off?
  • How can ‘voice of the customer’ help FIs improve experiences and open new opportunities?
  • What does a seamless customer journey look like in 2021 and beyond

Niall Corrigan, Partner, EY

Adam Powers, Global Head of Experience Design, HSBC

Alexandra Dixon, Customer Insight & CX Leader, Metro Bank

Natalie Fuller, Head of Customer Experience and Communication, Cashplus Bank

Andrew Lawson, Senior VP, EMEA, Zendesk

Financial Inclusion and Financial Wellbeing
  • Is the role and obligations of financial institutions changing?
  • How has covid-19 shone a light on financial inclusion?
  • Why financial wellness should be an essential part of banks’ customer strategy
  • How has the fintech ecosystem driven an increased focus on financial wellbeing and inclusion?
  • What lessons can be learned from existing financial inclusion strategies?

Michael Sherwood, Head of Customer Experience, Atom Bank

Josh Berle, Director of Business Development, Mastercard & Chair, EPA Project Inclusion Group

Nigel Verdon, CEO & Co-Founder, Railsbank

Angela Johnson de Wet, Head of Cloud and Technology Change Risk, Lloyds Bank

The Age of Personalisation and Automation
  • What do today’s customers expect from a personalised approach to banking?
  • Data is crucial, but is it being used to maximum effect by financial institutions?
  • How far is too far? Do customers actually want their banks’ AI to ‘do’ their banking for them?
  • Is automation beneficial for the customer or an exercise in cutting costs?

Ankur Dalal, Customer Experience Leader and Principal Architect, ABN AMRO Bank N.V

Nathan Williams, Strategy & Delivery Lead, NatWest Trustee & Depositary Services

Vilmos Lorincz, Managing Director - Data and Digital Products, Lloyds Banking Group

Ezgi Biber, Head of Digital Insights, Nordea

AI Demystified: Customer Service with AI and ML
  • How is AI currently being used to solve customer pain-points and improve financial journeys
  • Chatbots and conversational AI: The best way to deliver frictionless customer service?
  • Can AI be leveraged across the full customer lifecycle from initial onboarding to loyal users?
  • Is Human interaction still a vital aspect of customer service or will it be entirely phased out?
  • How is self-service banking developing and is it the future?
  • Understanding unintentional AI bias and ensuring ethical approaches

Christian Thier, Head of Financial Services Industry, Microsoft Switzerland

Guillaume Dretz, Head of User Experience, Vybecard

Andy Mason, Head of Operations and FinCrime, Mettle

A Digital Overhaul: How to Entirely Transform Customer Experiences
  • For traditional financial institutions, is it easier to ‘build a new bank’ or to improve existing processes?
  • How great is the challenge of legacy systems and can it be overcome?
  • How can traditional bank/fintech partnerships improve customer experiences?
  • How to develop a customer-centric approach whilst still retaining operational and strategic agility
  • Is ‘digital only’ the future? How much life is left in the highstreet bank branch?
  • How important is ‘culture’ to company-wide transformation programmes

Louise Døvling Andersen, First Vice President, Global Head of Treasury Implementation, Danske Bank

Tanvi Gupta, Head of Business Management - Customer, Barclays

Stephanie Pelsmakers, Customer Experience Lead, ING

Matthew Harwood, Head of Customer Messaging, NatWest