MoneyNext Summit

Boost Your Customer Engagement and Financial Wellbeing Through Science

Learn how to apply insights from behavioural science in your customer experience.

In this fireside chat, Elin Helander will explain two key scientific insights to work with: 1) money is emotional and 2) money is personal.

We’ll explore how working with these two insights will help boost and nudge customers to sustainable changes in their financial behaviour and attitudes.


Elin Helander
Chief Science Officer,

What Was Covered:
  • What are the links between behavioural science and customer experience?
  • What is it about financial services that particularly lends itself to an approach using behaviour science?
  • What’s the difference between financial health and financial wellbeing?
  • Is financial wellbeing currently being prioritised by financial services institutions?
  • Why should they prioritise it?
  • Is behavioural science the solution that will get people to save enough money?
  • Is it right for banks to focus on increased engagement?

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