The Next 5 Years in Transformational Banking Technology

What Does the Future of Banking Look Like?

Jean-Phillipe Desbiolles, Managing Director - Financial Services, IBM

Building a Next Generation Bank Fit for a Digital Age
  • What does a modern bank need to offer to meet changing customer expectations?
  • How important is organisation culture and the ability to remain agile?
  • For more traditional organisations, can legacy systems be updated or do you need to start afresh?
  • Is there still a need for a highstreet branch or will they be entirely phased out?
  • How do you predict the banking landscape will change over the next few years?

Jean-Phillipe Desbiolles, Managing Director - Financial Services, IBM

Marcus Burgess, Head of Online and Mobile Banking, HSBC

Susana Ponce-Froment, Head of Financial & Credit Risk, Tide

Babel Poli, VP of Product, Northmill Bank

Fireside Chat: Expediting Open Banking's time-to-value
  • What are some of the ways businesses can shorten the ROI time for Open Banking?
  • What are short / mid / long-term investments in this space? / What’s a prototypical development journey?
  • How to increase conversions?

Rafa Plantier, Head of UK & Ireland, Tink

Fireside Chat: AI in Financial Services: Best Practice and Use Cases
  • What are some of the key use cases? Where are financial services firms gaining traction and realizing benefits?
  • What are the leading trends in AI being used by financial service firms?
  • What are best practice architectures to implement real-time, AI systems in financial service?

Stuart Tarmy Global Director - Financial Services Industry Solutions, Aerospike

Open Banking, Open Finance, Open Data
  • How is the open banking landscape progressing?
  • Where are we seeing tangible value from open banking?
  • Should open data across all sectors and industries be the eventual aim?
  • Are the benefits of open banking actually reaching the consumer?
  • Is further regulation required? Should we expect a PSD3?

Gina Clarke, Editor-in-Chief, The Fintech Times

Pedro de Sousa Avelino, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, NN Group

Hakan Eroglu, Global Open Banking Lead, Mastercard

Moving to a Cashless Society
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of going cashless?
  • How has Covid-19 impacted the transition to cashless?
  • What role should cryptocurrencies play in a cashless world
  • Is a largely cashless society genuinely within reach or still a long way off?

Dimitris Litsikakis, Chief Executive Office, deVere E-Money

Sendi Young, Managing Director - Europe, Ripple

Frank M. Kittler, Executive Director & Digital Lead: Financial Institutions & Fintechs, Standard Chartered Bank

Isabel Pitt, VP Product Delivery, Banked

Lex Sokolin, CMO & Global Fintech Co-Head, ConsenSys

Fast-track to the Future of Banking: Staying Ahead of the Competition
  • Product diversification: How are banking business models changing?
  • Competition vs collaboration: What is the state of play between challengers and incumbents
  • How is emerging tech helping drive efficiencies and streamline processes?
  • How important is brand loyalty in financial services?
  • What do financial institutions large and small need to do to survive in an increasing competitive market?

Dr. Verena Thaler, VP for Strategy & Business Development, Raisin

Thea Loch, Head of Strategic Shaping, Lloyds Bank

Jason Hurwitz, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Aldermore Bank

Tuomas Toivonen, CEO, Holvi

Fireside Chat: How will Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs) replace Direct Debits?
  • What is a VRP?
  • What are the current issues around Direct Debits?
  • Why is it more beneficial to use VRP over direct debits?
  • Road to VRP: what do we need to do to make it happen?
  • Predictions: when will VRP get mass adoption?

Lisa Gutu, Head of Business & Partnerships, Salt Edge

Fireside Chat: How to Transform Compliance for Financial Institutions?
  • Why is compliance such a challenge for the financial services sector?
  • Is it getting more complicated with the sector transforming at such a rapid pace?
  • How can tech be utilised to simplify the compliance landscape?
  • For global organisations, how great is the challenge of meeting regulations across countries and jurisdictions?
  • What are the benefits of a simplified compliance and regulation process?
  • In a landscape with an increasing number of smaller fintechs and start-ups, how does the compliance challenge grow as these companies scale-up?

Alan Blanchard, Business Development (UK), Apiax

BaaS or BaaP!? New Financial Models for a Digital Finance Landscape
  • Definitions! What is Banking-as-a-Platform and how does it differ from Banking-as-a-Service?
  • Is BaaS a threat to traditional banks or an opportunity? And who is currently driving innovation in this space?
  • Have some financial institutions been slow to capitalise on this new opportunity?
  • How will the emergence and growth of BaaS impact consumers?
  • What will the financial sector look like as more brands embed financial products and services?

Ahsan Jamal, Head Digital Strategy & Transformation, Samba Bank Limited

Jason Maude, Head of Technology Advocacy, Starling Bank

Nick Ogden, Founder, WorldPay, Cashflows, ClearBank and RTGS.Global

Layla Qassim, Head of Strategy and Shareholder Relations, SolarisBank

Sustainable Finance: What is it and Why is it Important?
  • How should we be defining sustainable finance?
  • Should the sector be doing more? How much of a focus is this for financial institutions?
  • What innovations and new products are we seeing with a positive social or environmental impact?
  • What does the sustainable finance future look like?

Sharon Chen, Fintech Strategy, EY

Alexandra Basirov, Global Head of Sustainable Finance, Financial Institutions, BNP Paribas

Symon Garfield, Digital Strategy, Innovation, & Sustainable Finance (Worldwide Financial Services), Microsoft