The Next 5 Years in Transformational Banking Technology

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1000 - 1045 BST
What Does the Future of Banking Look Like?

Setting the scene discussion

Jean-Phillipe Desbiolles, Managing Director - Financial Services, IBM

Building a Next Generation Bank Fit for a Digital Age
  • What does a modern bank need to offer to meet changing customer expectations?
  • How important is organisation culture and the ability to remain agile?
  • For more traditional organisations, can legacy systems be updated or do you need to start afresh?
  • Is there still a need for a highstreet branch or will they be entirely phased out?
  • How do you predict the banking landscape will change over the next few years?

Jean-Phillipe Desbiolles, Managing Director - Financial Services, IBM

Marcus Burgess, Head of Online and Mobile Banking, HSBC

Susana Ponce-Froment, Head of Financial & Credit Risk, Tide

Babel Poli, VP of Product, Northmill Bank

1100 - 1130 BST
Fireside chats
1200 - 1245 BST
Case Study: Open Banking, Open Finance, Open Data

Real-world examples of customer experience excellence

Panel: Open Banking, Open Finance, Open Data
  • How is the open banking landscape progressing?
  • Where are we seeing tangible value from open banking?
  • Should open data across all sectors and industries be the eventual aim?
  • Are the benefits of open banking actually reaching the consumer?
  • Is further regulation required? Should we expect a PSD3?

Gina Clarke, Editor-in-Chief, The Fintech Times

Pedro de Sousa Avelino, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, NN Group

Hakan Eroglu, Global Open Banking Lead, Mastercard

1300 - 1340 BST
Moving to a Cashless Society
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of going cashless?
  • How has Covid-19 impacted the transition to cashless?
  • What role should cryptocurrencies play in a cashless world
  • Is a largely cashless society genuinely within reach or still a long way off?

Dimitris Litsikakis, Chief Executive Office, deVere E-Money

Sendi Young, Managing Director - Europe, Ripple

Frank M. Kittler, Executive Director & Digital Lead: Financial Institutions & Fintechs, Standard Chartered Bank

Isabel Pitt, VP Product Delivery, Banked

Lex Sokolin, CMO & Global Fintech Co-Head, ConsenSys


1000 - 1045 BST
How is the Banking Landscape Developing and Why Have We Seen Such Dramatic Change?

Setting the scene discussion

Fast-track to the Future of Banking: Staying Ahead of the Competition
  • Product diversification: How are banking business models changing?
  • Competition vs collaboration: What is the state of play between challengers and incumbents
  • How is emerging tech helping drive efficiencies and streamline processes?
  • How important is brand loyalty in financial services?
  • What do financial institutions large and small need to do to survive in an increasing competitive market?

Dr. Verena Thaler, VP for Strategy & Business Development, Raisin

Thea Loch, Head of Strategic Shaping, Lloyds Bank

Jason Hurwitz, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Aldermore Bank

Tuomas Toivonen, CEO, Holvi

1100 - 1130 BST
Fireside chats
1200 - 1245 BST
Case Study: BaaS or BaaP!? New Financial Models for a Digital Finance Landscape

Real-world examples of customer experience excellence

BaaS or BaaP!? New Financial Models for a Digital Finance Landscape
  • Definitions! What is Banking-as-a-Platform and how does it differ from Banking-as-a-Service?
  • Is BaaS a threat to traditional banks or an opportunity? And who is currently driving innovation in this space?
  • Have some financial institutions been slow to capitalise on this new opportunity?
  • How will the emergence and growth of BaaS impact consumers?
  • What will the financial sector look like as more brands embed financial products and services?

Ahsan Jamal, Head Digital Strategy & Transformation, Samba Bank Limited

Jason Maude, Head of Technology Advocacy, Starling Bank

Nick Ogden, Founder, WorldPay, Cashflows, ClearBank and RTGS.Global

Layla Qassim, Head of Strategy and Shareholder Relations, SolarisBank

1300 - 1340 BST
Sustainable Finance: What is it and Why is it Important?
  • How should we be defining sustainable finance?
  • Should the sector be doing more? How much of a focus is this for financial institutions?
  • What innovations and new products are we seeing with a positive social or environmental impact?
  • What does the sustainable finance future look like?

Sharon Chen, Fintech Strategy, EY

Alexandra Basirov, Global Head of Sustainable Finance, Financial Institutions, BNP Paribas

Andrew Larking, UX and Digital Design Lead, Vanquis Bank

Symon Garfield, Digital Strategy, Innovation, & Sustainable Finance (Worldwide Financial Services), Microsoft

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