CX FS Summit

AI Demystified:
Customer Service with AI and ML

The Future of CX in Financial Services


AI Demystified: Customer Service with AI and ML
  • How is AI currently being used to solve customer pain-points and improve financial journeys
  • Chatbots and conversational AI: The best way to deliver frictionless customer service?
  • Can AI be leveraged across the full customer lifecycle from initial onboarding to loyal users?
  • Is Human interaction still a vital aspect of customer service or will it be entirely phased out?
  • How is self-service banking developing and is it the future?
  • Understanding unintentional AI bias and ensuring ethical approaches

Christian Thier, Head of Financial Services Industry, Microsoft Switzerland

Guillaume Dretz, Head of User Experience, Vybecard

Andy Mason, Head of Operations and FinCrime, Mettle

Shnay Chohan, Senior AI Product Manager | Digital Technology, Natwest Group

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